Ambrosia — Two Hunters (NEW!)

If you’re a regular of MoD you probably know Nell Draadich.   She’s the main character of my upcoming project:  Ambrosia.

Stay tuned for details, for now enjoy a character list:

Nell Draadich — A talented young woman gifted with mastery over fire.   She has joined the Undead Hunters Association.   Nervous and meek by nature, Nell becomes a different woman when she drinks, earning unshakable confidence.

Culvir Silverdark — A ace rogue for the Undead Hunters Association, a master of diguises and unmatched in the use of his dagger.  He relies on the use of magical artifacts to take down vampires and has the curious habit of wearing sunglasses at night.

Augustus Grecier — A powerful Vampire Lord terrorizing the city of Terragrecio.  He maintains a secret rule just under the surface of the city

Helos — A vampiric servant of Grecier, he provides help to Nell and Culvir in their infiltration of the underground lair.

Nikidas — A strong willed young man who has become smitten with Nell.   His life has been affected by the vampire menace, but he retains a sunny outlook on life.

Sonnie Daie — A practitioner of the light and a former lover of Nell.   He embraces a unique set of ethics that is hellbent on making her the greatest magician alive.

Jamgled Gotleg — A warrior in the Undead Hunters Association.  Jamgled maintains a knock down the front door approach to problem resolution. She has a history with Culvir and isn’t shy about disclosing the details.

Eurydice Topel — Nell’s teacher and bonifide dirty old man.   He is a Sage, a brand of magician that specializes in containing magical energies for later use.  He has a colorful past with Nell and knows her better than an ordinary teacher should.

Brando Blaugrunder — A staggeringly powerful magician who embraces the destructive power of storms.   His favorite element is water for the sole appreciation of tapping latent destructive capabilities of the elements.  He has discovered a unique method spell-casting.

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