Characters in the Novel (Updated 05/15/14)

The Main Party: (in order of appearance)

The Magician Extraordinaire, Zammela Glam:

“I am something less than a witch, but more than a magician: A Magician Extraordinaire if you will.”

A  haughty magician that stands high above her peers in merit while falling short in stature; she makes up for it in presence.  Her prowess in magic may be the only real hope for Geldbane and Pange alike.

The Protector, Naida Holderin:

(No picture yet, soonish!  I promise!)

“My instincts lead me to you, the same ones leading me to distrust you.”

A Gelban swords woman and strong willed orphan that can attest everything she has to hard work and dedication; Despite her tumultuous past, she is arguably Geldbane’s finest sword.

The lost ‘sheep’, Derrek Graymer:

“I’m not afraid of death.   I’m afraid of dying.”

A young man from a distant land with no real knowledge of Geldbane.   Oddly enough, he is without knowledge of Dendarg as well, the country he should hail from.

The Traveling Priest, Tartagin Tolten:

“What am I looking at?   A better question would be: What is there not to look at?”

A servant of the Goddess that is a treasure trove of useless knowledge;   His sunny disposition acts as the glue that holds the party close together, much needed in these dark times.

The Loud-Mouthed Archer, Helgando “Hush” Barrington:

“What sort of name is Zam?   Is that the sound a headache makes?”

A burly Gelban mercenary who struggles to get out of his father’s shadow; His prowess with a bow is only matched by his knack for mouthing off.

New POV Characters in Kingless Country:


The Savior Bard, Genis Lunan

(No picture yet, but Genis does not appear in TWO DESTROYERS)

“The songs I sing and the games I play are all so very unpopular, yet my voice and methods bring nothing but joy.   This is the tragic duality of a Genius.”

A talented musician of considerable renown.   Brilliant and cunning, he is not shy about announcing his motivations:  He plans to save the world from destruction, no matter the cost.

The Nobleman Thief, Kristoph Rupandil

(No picture yet, but Kristoph does not appear in TWO DESTROYERS)

“One knows the difficulty of resisting the innumerable charms of Kristoph, so one has already forgiven any future outbursts of affection.”

A mysterious lordling, lover of wine woman and song. from the country of Erdak, he joins for reasons of his own; His daggers are sharp, but his wits are sharper still.

Other Characters in the book:

The Goddess’ Messenger, Richie — A priest responsible for Derrek’s arrival to Pange.  Enigma hangs about him as strongly as the potent stench of mint.

The Genius General, Brenner — A shrewd man known for superior tactics and planning, he has retired from war and vowed to protect the Refugee village of Eswin.

The Legendary Hero, Barton — Hailed as the ‘Sword of the King’.   This genius blade master is well known for his twin blades and a strong sense of justice.

The Azure Knight — Hailed as the ‘Shield of the King’ this mountain of a man has had the exclusive honor of routing several Dendargians at once (and living to tell the tale).   He is feared by his allies and enemies alike and little is know about him other than his signature heavy field plate armor tinted Azure blue.

The Enigmatic King, Solace II — A genius known equally for his remarkable planning and his reclusive nature.   After a crippling defeat to Dendarg, he vanishes after a successful assassination.

The Mercenary Lord, Lew Luster — A dangerous man known for his ruthless tactics and penchant for inspiring fanaticism.

The Honorbound, Isoo — Hush’s right hand man, a Dendargian sworn to protect him even if it means abandoning his native country.

The Order of Law, Councilman Drego — Head councilman of Agellas, conspicuously left with only one of his grand council colleagues.

History’s Word, Boan — A young boy training to become a Library, an individual that memorizes staggering amounts of information for record keeping purposes.

The Dendargian Assassin, Shay Maah — A desert dweller turned mercenary.  Though typically lauded for their honor, Shay cast aside hers for a very specific purpose.

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