What is TWO DESTROYERS? (Updated 01/28/14)

All heroes die, some more than others.

‘Groundhog Day’ with a diverse fantasy spin, memories of death are the key to saving a world of magic.

Project begun: 09/22/2011

TWO DESTROYERS is a fantasy novel by Eric R. Jackson.

Word Count: approx. 120,000

What is TWO DESTROYERS about?:

Twenty-two year old Derrek Graymer keeps dying.  A freak accident strands him in an alternate universe, and now medieval-clad loons keep mistaking him for an afro-samurai destined to destroy the world– but he’s more of a chocolate cream puff.

Thankfully, Derrek doesn’t stay dead, returning each time armed with a fresh batch of memories. The sun is on a crash course with his adopted homeland, with prophecies claiming it’s his fault. But as memories of his deaths pile up, threatening to devour him, Derrek is determined not to destroy the world, but to save it.

While his memories generate raw magical might, enough to stop the apocalypse, he is powerless to control it.  A woman calling herself a Magician Extraordinaire has the skill but lacks the  power to stop the end, that’s where Derrek can do his part.

TWO DESTROYERS is told from Derrek and three other perspectives:

Zammela Glemeis, self-proclaimed Magician Extraordinaire, seeks to understand the limits of her power and what she must do to avoid the fate her predecessors suffered.

Naida, a war orphan, is driven by her desire to achieve closure regarding the death of Barton Holderin, the man that trained her in the sword, and earned her love.

Helgando ‘Hush’ Barrington, a mercenary, seeks to make a ridiculous amount of money, and eclipse the legacy of his father.


What is Pange?:

Pange is the world where TWO DESTROYERS takes place.  The Earth crashing into Sun is something we dread as an inevitable end— for the world of Pange, the opposite happens every day.

Pange’s thirteen suns are each a mile wide.  Each one launches from the ground daily, lobs over the landscape, and burrows some distance away.   Two of these suns are fated to collide.  That’s bad.

What’s going on in Geldbane?:

The story begins and takes place in the nation of Geldbane, a large psuedo-european country in Pange.  It is currently the most powerful nation in the world.

Geldbane recovers from the crippling defeat to Dendarg.  The Shield of the King, contains disorder running rampant, brought by King Darius Solace’s assassination.  Unrest swells among mercenaries such as Lew Luster, looking for their dues.

Map of Gelbane

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