An Introduction to the First Book

Dimanagul – One without magic,  Book 1, The Two Destroyers.

Word Count: 100,000  by Eric R. Jackson

It is said that some of the most remarkable people in the world are unremarkable.   This is one of those stories.

This is the tale of Derrek Graymer, a young man that learns this lesson the hard way.   This site is a primer for the story’s creation and the inspirations that cause me to make it.

Derrek is thrown into a world where magic is a norm, and those without it are deemed abominations.   He quickly must come to terms with that it means to be a Dimanagul, one without Magic.

Since his arrival in Geldbane, the largest nation in a world known as Pange, Derrek is haunted by dreams of death.  The dreams are real enough that he can retain and embrace even the smallest of details no matter how inconsequential as they may seem.   He must use the knowledge gained from these dreams to survive a world wrought with peril and prejudice.

With the help of Naida Holderin, a young swordswoman that serves as his protector; Tartagin Tolten, a travelling priest that serves as his guide; and Zammela Glam, a self-titled Magician Extraordinaire that can perform miracles; Derrek works his way to the bottom of a mystery forged over generations.

Two destroyers will cause the fall of Geldbane.

Is it Derrek’s destiny to be the key to thwart this prophecy?  Or is he somehow the one to make it a reality?   The only thing remains a constant, Death is everywhere and it is seeking him.

Will the dreams be enough to be his savior?   Or will they bring about his undoing?

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