Character Insights and Viewpoints — The Protector, Naida Holderin

Naida Holderin

Height: 5′ 9” Age:23

[December 1st – Sagittarius]

Hair Color: Brown / Long enough for a loose ponytail.  — Eye Color: Grey (High Contrast)

Description: Naida is a tough build woman without the expense of looking unattractive.   She is a quintessential Gelban right down to their usual shade of brown hair and grey eyes.   Naida typically wears customized leather armor gifted to her by someone close.

When developing Naida my primary goal was to make a strong, independent female character to play a part typically executed by males (especially in fantasy).  She is a protector and a knight in shining armor without the well… shining armor.  Naida is a talented swords woman because of her own effort.   While she may have been trained by arguably the best swordsman in Geldbane the credit for her ability rests on her shoulders.

I developed Naida as close to the polar opposite of a ‘fair weather friend’.  It is one thing to do something because you’re obligated or honor bound to do so, but Naida protects Derrek because it’s what she wants to do, but she doing it for herself.  Naida has her own ghosts she has to sort out, but it doesn’t stop her from doing what she feels is right.  Among this is her personal disdain for Dendarg.   Her dedication transcends personal prejudice, this inner conflict is crucial to her character development.

Naida’s fighting style is offensive minded but uses attacks to halt attacks.   A good offense is the best defense proves her an effective guardian without traditional armor or a shield.   Part of what makes her so effective as a guardian and a swords-woman alike is her ability to accept her flaws rather than lament about them.

At a glance Naida fits the mold of a main character hero, principles, ability and reliability.   All of this is intentional as Derrek plays the role of the ‘Damsel’ to her ‘Knight in Shining Armor’.  Naida comes from humble origins and is destined for great things.  A lot of neat things are in store for her over the events of Dimanagul.  It goes without saying, without any doubt, that she remains Derrek’s most loyal companion throughout the tale, and perhaps something much more…

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