Character Insights and Viewpoints — The Travelling Priest, Tartagin Tolten

Tartagin Tolten

Height: 6′ 0” Age:35

[May 22nd Gemini]

Hair Color: Blonde Medium Length, frequently pulled into a tidy ponytail. — Eye Color: Blue (Baby blue)

Description:  Tartagin is a lean built man; just looking at him shows his penchant for travel in the form of his sturdy legs. Weather permitting, Tartagin wears his priest robes, simple fine woven robes trimmed with silver.  He is never seen without his simple glasses that don’t like to stay put on the bridge of his nose.

When developing Tartagin, I wanted to include a lovable know it all that people would be hard pressed to dislike.   I wanted someone that seems to know everything but doesn’t sit on a lofty perch because of this knowledge.   I wanted Tartagin to have the unique ability to see eye to eye with anyone person in the party at any given time.   He is to be the glue that keeps everyone together.  In some fantasy settings priests are frequently healers, so in the books I wanted him in that supporting role in a non-literal sense.  He serves as cure all to mend tensions between the party members.

I wanted to give Tartagin some ‘power’ in the books so this desire ended up fleshing out the Goddess’ followers as a result.  I came up with the idea that it’s not a matter of choice to serve the goddess but a privilege.  Being a priest ended up being a sort of meal ticket that guarantees a cushy and entitled life, something that could be easily exploited by the corrupt and making variances between one priest and another.   One priest may abuse his station to avoid paying for anything, while another might revel in the honor or representing the Goddess.  It goes without saying that she is held in high regard even among the skeptics.

As far as ability goes, Tartagin cannot cause healing miracles nor does he have any particular training in medicine.  Personally I find healing magic as a fast track to cheapening death.   If you have someone available that can reverse mortal wounds they no longer become mortal.  This grants him a unique role amongst his fellows; a treasure trove of impractical knowledge.  Naturally there are a few mysteries surrounding the cheerful clergyman but those run in tandem with the events regarding Geldbane’s fate.

Tartagin is no stranger to traveling and soaks in knowledge like a sponge.  He serves as a valuable resource time and time again, despite it taking a certain degree of creativity to appreciate the staggering amount of knowledge he holds.

Like Naida he is unconditionally loyal to Derrek, in some ways more loyal.   Tartagin values the importance of secrets and is in no hurry to pry truths from him.    There is something otherworldly about the priest at times, giving a faint air of danger to his otherwise spotlessly sunny demeanor.  That is something that will be exposed in time.

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