Character Insights and Viewpoints — The Magician Extraordinaire, Zammela Glam

Zammela Glam

Height: 5′ 0” Age:20

[June 21th (Cancer)]

Hair Color: Carrot Orange, long hair to the small of her back, with ringlets framing her face.  — Eye Color: Dark Green


Description:  Zammela is a soft built woman whose looks come from a life of opulence, her fine mage robes make her curves ambiguous to whether she’s shapely or heavy.   While she has a traditionally pretty face, large eyes and round features, it is usually marred with a scowling expression.  Her smiles are devious and sinister, frequently laced with ulterior motive.

When developing Zammela, I wanted an addition to the team that invaluable but one constantly under scrutiny of how much trouble she’s worth.   She’s knowledgeable and intelligent as far as raw information goes but lacks wisdom and common sense.  Zammela is a catalyst when it comes to just about everyone on the party.   There are many strong feelings regarding her as she is extremely hard to ignore.

There is no doubt that Zammela is a powerhouse.   In a world where magic is common she makes magic that is uncommon.  This is shown in her self-applied moniker ‘Magician Extraordinaire’.  A magician in Pange, particularly in Geldbane, is viewed as a clown or a conman.   They try to make their living on something everyone has.   Zammela has much more than anyone can dream of having without the cost of being a witch.

A witch in Pange is someone that can use the four basic elements of magic through dark and self harmful processes.   It is well known that witches and wizards are not long lived because of this.   Natural magic draws from the resources of awareness.  Repeated use of magic leads to mental fatigue in the same way losing sleep would.  Most normal humans have this capacity severely limited as well as only being able to use two elements, frequently the two of their home nationality.   Mixture of blood can cause confusion, but two elements will surface in most cases.

Geldbane, where the story mostly takes place, has the elements of Fire and Water.   The Neighboring country of Aquan uses Water and Wind.  A child born of a Gelban and an Aquan would likely have water magic and one of the other magicks of their parentage.  In some rare cases children will have the capacity for three magicks, but they frequently will be sickly as a result and will have a poor capacity for any of the three.

Zammela’s has also displayed the ability  to draw power from outside sources without spending precious life energy.  As a natural reserve she can always use her own personal awareness even in the most mundane of places.

Despite her prissy garment choices, Zammela seems to be used to travel.  She has little reason to travel with Derrek and seven seems to hold cautious animosity towards him.   It goes without saying, that she has a strong inseparable bond with the Dimanagul.   Her talents are crucial to his success, and perhaps more.

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