Insights: The Goddess

Divine, but full of mortal flaws.

The Goddess of Pange is shrouded in mystery.   In order to avoid her becoming a Crystal Dragon Jesus, I developed her in the light of Grecian and Roman gods.  I’ve always found them interesting.  They were lofty individuals with amazing powers and deep character flaws.  In a way, they are the world’s first superheroes.

The Goddess is well respected and loved by the people but she is not actively worshiped.  She takes a passive role in people’s every day lives and is credited for good fortune for travelers and prosperity.  Outside of people using her image as a herald for good luck (hence the abundance of her statues across the world) her temples do not draw people in droves.

Her followers are selected at birth.   They bear a familiar birthmark shaped like a star, this is generally accepted as a fortunate fate.   The Goddess is fairly popular, and her followers the priests that inhabit Pange are treated as a type of lesser nobility.  They are granted favors by almost everyone and are universally treated well.   Even common bandits and thieves are wary about stealing from priests.   No one wants to raise the ire of the Goddess because it is accepted that she brings nothing but good to then world.

Outside of her influence the people of Pange lack spirituality.   Many priests take it upon their selves to help alleviate peoples concerns about death but it is not technically in their jurisdiction.  Funerals are typically handled in Pange by family members.   Different countries deal with their dead in different ways, both Geldbane and Dendarg burn their dead.

The Goddess plays an important role in the story, her image seems to be the guiding point to Derrek’s power.   As the story progresses the fog is lifted on who and what the goddess is.

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