Musing: The Hot Headed Archer

“It’s not brash if you can back it up.”

I want to talk about a theme I think there should be common place in fiction.   Bad ass archers.   And no, I don’t mean elves that are  without flaws and can singlehandedly take out armies.   I mean guys that are good at shooting things from far away.   I mean guys that wear their flaws on their shoulders and don’t care that they have them.  I mean Hawkeye.

Ok.   So I don’t specifically mean Hawkeye but he is my favorite example of this type of character:

  • He’s a jerk
  • He knows his shit
  • He has a moody past
  • He doesn’t cry about said moody past (Well no more than other Superheroes.)

I was actually really happy with how he was represented in the recent Avengers Movie.   You gotta respect a guy that uses bows and arrows when surrounded by a Thunder God, a 10 foot green Goliath, and a man clad in enough futuristic weaponry to halt world war 3 and 4.

All joking aside, more characters could stand to be like this arch-type.   They are over-specialized and flawed but move forward despite that.   It makes for a breath of fresh air when dealing with an ocean of boring invincible heroes.

2 thoughts on “Musing: The Hot Headed Archer

  1. I agree with you on adding more archers into fiction, but…you know what we really need more of? More defense attorneys that love pointing at people.

    “The one who actually committed the crime…is YOU!” I just love winning matches with Mr. Wright.

    • Amen to this. Nothing, NOTHING, is more satisfying than a Triple Happy Birthday Turnabout. “I’ve got all I need!”

      The schmucky smile just sells it.

      P.S. “That’s illegal!”

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