Insights: Our World in Dimanagul

Am I the only one that saw the grim nature of the Jetsons? It infers Earth is too toxic to live on anymore!

I feel a little odd doing world building for my own world and country.   It’s fairly uncommon  for me to delve into urban fantasy or Sci-Fi, but even if it’s for a handful of chapters (in the first book it’s only one) Derrek Graymer does spend time in our world rather than Pange.

When I first started to make the Saved Point project, I had every intention of making it a 20XX scenario with no clear factors to define the year of the story.   However, as I started to develop the fine details I realized it was fairly important to agree on a year because of specific details in the book.

The year is 2045.   It’s the future, but not so far out that we’ll be in futuristic flying cars or start naming our children on a regular basis after space objects.   Instead, I believe that  on an everyday basis our lives will be fairly similar to what it is now.  The difference however is how we deal with very real crises that we face today.

It’s no mystery that as the population grows, our natural resources wane.  For that reason I wanted a global crisis and resolution that would urge us as a people to stop fighting.   In a way I wanted to make an inverted Atomic Bomb.

The main character, Derrek Graymer was born in 2023.  A few years prior to that a scientific breakthrough was accomplished; someone had discovered how to duplicate basic matter.  The only consistency in this breakthrough was food items; the initial failure rate of 5%-10% discouraged the duplication of building materials.  There was also the fact that the process was not foolproof in another way.   The food that could be produced lack key nutrients that prevent people from fully relying on it.   Even trying to add supplements to it only deterred negative side effects past a year.

So in this light it helped the global food crisis by people being able to consume 1/3 to 1/5 the amount of ‘real’ food.  Depending on the country rotations are set in place to make sure people stay healthy.   In the United States a rotation is set for regions to spend two months living off of duplicated food then alternate in one month of the real stuff.

Calm down Thorn, this is made by your neighbors, not from them.

In light of this ‘crisis’ the world can focus on better maintaining their farmland and forests with the demand alleviated.  This coupled with advancements in power generation has eased mankind into an Era of peace.   The civilized world has established the closest thing to world peace and other than internal crime and minor skirmishes the world has not seen a war since the World Treaty Summit of 2023, the same year Derrek was born.  This makes him a ‘Child of Peace’.

Having no exposure to war is an important facet to Derrek’s character.   In the span of my life I might not have seen a world war, but the world hasn’t exactly been free of conflict.  In general I think any bout of peace makes it difficult to understand war and its terrors.  Instead his world (our future world) would be more inclined to things like corporate debauchery and trying to corner the market on hidden threats regarding the new food source.


It’s not.   It’s really not.  The threat that it provides is more along the lines of FDA investigations regarding long term side effects.   My goal was to make our world worthy of making a Sci-Fi story regarding it without out it being the focus.   And who knows moving forward I might have plans to embrace this.

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