Tidying up the Archives.

In an effort to make things easier on those catching up with my weekly shenanigans, I’ve begun the long process of organizing the posts I’ve put on here.   I’ve already updated the B.O.S.S. Archives and even grouped them by series.  You can see my hard work by clicking the link on the sidebar!

All of the story links direct to my Google Docs Public folder for easy reading.  You can even Download them if that’s easier.  I just ask for you to spread the good word if you enjoy the stories, or send me a Comment / Message if you see something you like.

Ideally I would like to cater to an audience as I write so that my stories can be read.  

As a reminder 2 posts a week.   Wednesday is my ranty general post days.  A Musing means something I’m just pulling out of my proverbial bum, while a Insight Post focuses inspirations revolving around my Novel.

Fridays will have a Blogging Original Short Story (B.O.S.S.) that will have some loose theme connection to my book without being directly related to it.

Again, thanks for coming to Memories of a Dimanagul Week after Week.  If it’s your first time, welcome and stay a while, you might see something you like.

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