Thursday Snippet: A Season to be Thankful.


Aw… you shouldn’t have!

Closing in on Number 30 of my weekly short stories. Just to put it in perspective, on May 16 2012 I came up with the hair-brained idea to do this on a weekly basis.

A couple of the early stories I published early on were extra chapters in the novel or relating to them. (You can still see those in the Public folder .)

Thanks for all of those that have been with me since the beginning and my growth as an author and aspiring novelist.

Tomorrows story will be part 2 of the “Game of Life”, the continuation of Jeff and Harriet’s adventures in a Zombie infested world. I want to tell you out right, as I have a habit of putting tragedy in my stories, this one is decidedly light. There will be death sure, but it is a story about living and appreciating what you have.

Life is full of fears and challenges, but in the end, the vigilant succeed.

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