Musing: Breaking the Writer’s Block Wall Down

Writers block is pretty much the bane of the creative mind.  But my method of overcoming it is remarkably simple: Write anyway.   The block is just doubt and fatigue having a little party in your cranium.   You just need to crash it.


You know… there is a door. Just saying.

I won’t say that I have never been a victim of acute writer’s block.  There are times where I will say to myself I want to work on this chapter, but my brain vetoes it.  However when that happens I just write something, anything.   Here is a simple math equation.   X = something where X > 0.  You can multiply something as long as it is something.

Nothing teaches you this more than blogging.  Keeping to a blog schedule helps tear down the biggest barrier to the creative mind.  Just putting the words down and letting them flow is the greatest service you can do for yourself.   The weekly B.O.S.S. aren’t polished pieces of work, they are what happens when I let myself write without letting doubt standing behind me and shaking its head.

In fact that is what I do all the time.  My first step of writing involves throwing words down blindly.   From there it turns into a form of self-critique.  Publishing the B.O.S.S. is a workshop in confidence it allows me to work towards the ultimate goal of any writer, getting it right the first time.  I rarely make significant changes to the short stories from when I publish them save for glaring errors.     It is an act of acceptance.  “This is where I was.   This is where I am now.”

It’s no coincidence that good bloggers tend to have amusing prolific posts.  They are in touch with their confidence.   When you work off a schedule you often don’t have the liberty to nitpick and censor your words.  It unlocks your creative mind.


Doubt has no sense of common courtesy. Stare back.

When you find yourself unable to create on command, remember, you can.  Even if you write a thousand words and only ten of them are good you haven’t wasted your time.   Heck, even if all 1000 stink, you can probably read it out loud and start to see where you went wrong (or where you started to go right).

Any wall can be torn down.   It’s just some might need to be taken down brick by brick.

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