Musing: Pushing forward with results.


Science has proved the raptor was the most philosophic of Dinosaurs. And by science. I mean the internet.

I’ve been able to spend some quality time on revisions for the novel, quality time fleshing things out and breathing life into the world of Pange.  I’m going to leave you with  a taste of my last week.   To mix things up I’ll leave you with a coffeehouse smash poem for you to boggle over.


Snap along as you wish:


Revisions flooding in.

Coffee:  Threatening to replace my life blood.

Mocha flavored, No!  I’m talking the hard stuff.

No sugar no cream… no way.


New Perspective.



My eyes have been opened by the crowbar of realization.



Big changes afoot,

but really just a hand of the camera.

Tool of watching, always watching.



A story untold,

only glimpsed at,

Will begin to unfold,

something hinted at.


A neglected third side of the triangle:

Brought the storm.

Forgot the norm.

The heart of Geldbane revealed.


Naida.   The stage is yours.

4 thoughts on “Musing: Pushing forward with results.

  1. “Coffee: Threatening to replace my life blood.”

    I’m not much in the way of biology, but that seems like the kind of thing you’d want to have looked at by a doctor. Just sayin’.

    Jokes aside, it’s good to hear that you’re going back and making revisions. I’m willing to assume that you’ve already got a pretty nifty product, but I’m ALSO assuming that it’ll only get better from here. Though if you’re anything like me, there’s still a long road ahead…

    I would give more support and praise, but I’m suddenly feeling very self-conscious about everything I’ve ever written. Excuse me, I need to go revise that story I wrote in first grade about three bears playing with a ball. What was I thinking, writing something without adding a proper climax?

    • For some reason I just feel motivated to turn that into an epic revenge action movie. I can just see the trailer now.

      Joking aside. I’d like to mention that I like your character introduction posts on Cross Up. I consider myself a character driven writer so I can always appreciate when people pour so much work into their characters.

      Don’t doubt yourself. Just move forward. As I mentioned last week my are almost completely improvised.

      Also. You seem to get a great deal of traffic through Cross Up that’s something to be proud of too!

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