Musing: A season about gifts.


He brings holiday cheer! (And nightmares!)

Whatever the holiday, it’s a season for celebration.  I’m on team Christmas myself but that doesn’t make anything else less important.  This time of year it’s important to hug loved ones and acknowledge the importance they hold in your life.   It’s a little different from turkey day in my opinion.  That’s a time for football, eating until you pass out and yell at your uncle for being a slob… so like… any day.

It’s really not about being thankful.  It’s about accepting gifts.   Not the cell phone kind or the Wii-station 360 kind (SIC).    It is about accepting what you have had the rest of the year and maybe taking is something new.

For some people that’s family.   Others a lover.   Some people are alone this holiday and have found their comfort in other, less tangible things.  Sometimes it’s simply a way of life, preparation for an impending New Years resolution.   But overall this is a season to be happy.

The holidays are about getting gifts.   No matter your walk of life. you deserve them.  Think of the concept of Santa Claus.  He is a jolly selfless saint that goes about handing out gifts in a selfless act.   Although this year he might need to be cautious about the treats left out for him in certain states…   The important message is that everyone deserves something to treasure this time of year.   It remains a chance to take a break from the doldrums of our lives and just be a little selfish.

As far as I go, I’ve got nothing to complain about.   My family is close knit even with hundreds of miles between us, I’m with someone I love more than the world, and I have you guys.

Merry Christmas.


One thought on “Musing: A season about gifts.

  1. It was nice to celebrate the season with you and J, in our little way.

    I just heard this and immediately thought to share it with you:

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