B.O.S.S. Preview — Two Hunters Chapter 10.

If you haven’t been keeping count.    Tommorrow marks the 50th blogging original short story (BOSS).  So as a acknowledgement of his benchmark.   Part ten of Two Hunters will be hitting the digital shelf.   This one will be longer than most of the chapters, so I figured I’d release it in little tastes:

I know people are busy and sitting down to read over 2,000 words can be an undertaking, so I’m considering releasing  500 word bursts on the blog more often.    Let me know if this format is preferred.   As always the stories in their complete form can be seen here: http://tinyurl.com/dimanagul  


Two Hunters, Part 10, Preview.

“Did you hear that?” Nikidas perked his head from his lunch.

“I felt that.” Culvir cracked open the shell of another peanut.

“Hey… I know you’re upset and all, but you’re hitting those pretty hard.   Shouldn’t you eat some real food?   You’ve eaten like… a million of those things.” Nikidas took another bite of his leg of mutton.

“Fifteen,” Culvir said, “…and I’m not eating anything substantial because of my injuries.”

Culvir felt truly helpless.  It hadn’t been his first time being wounded, but it had been the first time he came to the conclusion that doing nothing would be the best course of action.   Even his brief outing as Lady Tusche had strained him.

Worse, he had completed every last report he could possibly make.  Now all he could do was wait.

“So you want me to check it out?” Nikidas said, pausing before a bite.

“No,” Culvir said, popping the peanut into his mouth.

“Are you pouting?” Nikidas donned a smile.  “You’re pouting aren’t you?”

Culvir turned away, deepening his scowl.   He’s right.   I am pouting.   Pathetic.

“So you’re just going to sit around and do nothing, since you’re girlfriend dumped you?” Nikidas set down his food, pushing it away.

“She’s not my girlfriend.” Culvir snapped at him.   “…she’s my partner.”

“Yeah now,” Nikidas widened his smirk, “…or do you mean ever?  She never was your lady?”

“No.” Culvir turned to the window, holding up a small metal rod.

“Really?   She seemed so…” Nikidas paused.  “Wait.   Of course she was worried.   That’s just the sort of wonderful person she would be huh?”

Culvir ignored him.   The rod reacted with a mild hum.   Residual energy from magic.  Culvir counted quietly under his breath.

“You think she’s into younger guys?” Nikidas slumped onto the bed.   “I don’t think I’ve met such a wonderful woman before.   I mean, I’m not much of a fighter but I don’t mind keeping house if it’s for her.”

Nine.   Ten.   Eleven.    Eleven Seconds.   That must have been some blast.

“She isn’t married right?”  Nikidas reached towards the ceiling.   “I just figured being her–”

“Nikidas.   Shut up.” Culvir waved the rod at him.   “I need you to check something out for me.”

“But… you said…” Nikidas twisted up his face.   “Wait.  I get it you’re worried about Nell.”

“No.   I’m not.” Culvir slipped the device back into the thieves closet.   “She can take care of herself.   She doesn’t need a wounded colleague or an annoying kid to get things done.”

“Sure you aren’t.  Hey.   Annoying kid?  I’m only a few years younger than you!”

“All the difference in the world.” Culvir smiled.  “Besides.  There’s no shouting or panic.   It’s likely just a performer.”

An  extremely powerful performer.

“Oh.   And you just want me to make sure the city isn’t being controlled by a vampire’s regime.” Nikidas’ eyes lit up.

“Um.   Right.” Culvir tapped his cheek.   “Hey while you’re out there, you think you could get me some more peanuts.   I’m almost out.”

Nikidas let out an annoyed sigh.   “I’ll see what I can do.”

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