Musing: Religion is about the message.

Today, a simple tidbit of consideration.   As we evolve as a people, it becomes common to see people bash on spiritual pursuits.  As someone that isn’t particularly religious, I challenge others like me to associate the unfair targeting of faith to other aspects of society.

Religion by definition is a good concept.   It acts as a morale code to inspire people to greatness.  Zealots within religious groups however, can misrepresent these ideals, and then by default twist the message of the religion.

Regardless of the source of religion, a higher power, an inspiring person, the importance lies in the good it does.   If you view it that way, even those that claim to be atheists follow a sort of religion.   A morale fiber that reminds us what is wrong and what is right.  It is up to us as intelligent beings to accept other people’s interpretations of this fiber and not judge a group by its extremists.

Tolerance and acceptance is a beautiful thing.

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