Random: The Enemy Wtihin

I have a riddle for you.

Q: What’s six foot eight and yowls like a dying lion?

A:  Me with a terrible toothache.

So with that there will not be a witty midweek post.    But I will beat this and offer up a delectable writing tidbit for Friday.   *groan* Shouldn’t talk about food.

2 thoughts on “Random: The Enemy Wtihin

  1. Dear Journal,

    Today I learned that Mr. (or should it be Master?) Jackson was six foot eight. YIKESY MIKESY with a side order of HOLYMOSESPUFFS.

    Also I had some waffles today.

    …Randomness aside, here’s hoping that your toothache eases up soon. Rest up, and come back hardier than ever.

    • Thanks for your concerns. I think the tooth demon has started to be dispelled. If I end up feeling spry tomorrow, I’ll probably say a few words regarding Last of Us. If you haven’t beaten it, the ending is surprisingly great.

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