Musing: Publishing doesn’t seem like a distant dream anymore.


It’s closer than you think.


I don’t talk about the novel every waking moment on Memories of a Dimanagul, and this is a very deliberate thing.   First and foremost, the Blog exists for me to do what I love most on a weekly basis, and that is to share stories with the world: or a small corner of it that trips over it at least.

Over the past two years I have learned much, but above all else,  I see what needs to be done to bring The Two Destroyers to light.  I see ahead of me quite clearly in fact, so clear it is almost scary.

Compare it to looking down a forest path, wrought with danger.   If you squint against the foliage, you can see every thorn and rock along the way.  You want to run, because you’re excited, and you want to reach your destination.  Running blindly though means enduring gashes and wounds.   You can’t exactly take each tentative step and mind every rock and branch in your way either.

Doubt, age, responsibilities… among other things… claw at the legs of those that move too slow.  Until you are pulled waist deep in a mire that makes you doubt starting the adventure in the first place.  Therein lies the joy of Memories of Dimanagul for me.  Such doubts cannot exist.  I have come so far, and created so much, that even if The Two Destroyers never comes to light it does not diminish what has been, what is because of its creation.

For those interest in the nitty gritty of my Novel, it stands in a very good place.   I have all forty chapters written with roughly half of them polished and awaiting the hands of a talented editor.   The remainder of the story simply needs the same treatment, where in reality is -only- about two months of work.   But that is a drop in the bucket.

Over the time of the blog’s existence, I endured some painful trials.   Some of which served as dark muses for the novel’s less cheerful moments.

For those of you fairly new to MOD, you can browse the site for tastes of the story.   For you veterans, you might see some poignant growth, or at least I hope so.

For those of you out there that have a pet project and ever felt disheartened, remember one thing over all else.   The journey is more important than the result.


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