Musing: Sparking my Childhood.


Think of it as a 2013 Short Cartoon Series and you should enjoy it 300% more.

I have to protest the unfair treatment of Duck Tales: Remastered.   For the uninformed it is a remix of the 1989 NES game.  While it is a classic example of how many games are not very good when revisited, and they don’t age that well, except in rare isolated cases.

What it does do, however, is make me remember how much I loved the show.  The primary complaint of most reviewers, the way the cut scenes slow the gameplay to a crawl, happens to be my favorite thing about the game.   They got the original voice actors from the show  as a love letter to the fans.  Hearing  Scrooge mouth off at Launchpad sparks memories of rushing home just in time to hear that earworm of an opening song.

My suggestion?   Get the game, set it to easy mode, and let the memories flow.

After all, life is like an Aeroplane.   The years just fly right by.



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