Insight: Progress on the Novel

Zammela lo res

The Magician Extraordinaire compels you to be hyped.

I haven’t gushed about Two Destroyers for a while, so let’s change that shall we?   My first novel is nearing completion.   REAL completion.   When I rolled out Memories of a Dimanagul I knew nothing about what it means to write a fantasy novel.   The weekly B.O.S.S. stories were (are) a means for me to create without boundaries.   They help me refine my writing mojo.

Now that I stand at the point where I could hand the manuscript to an agent without dying of shame, I’m getting pretty excited.   Everyone that has followed me for the past two years (or joined some time along the way.) I thank you.  The story is shaping up to be substantial and above all else an interesting read.

The Beta Readers have Betaed and the final stretch cometh.   But don’t think you get off the hook so easy!   I’ll still be writing weekly short stories right here.   So follow along, pull up a chair, bring a friend.   Memories of Dimanagul is still going strong.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the first four chapters here on the site.   Or you can check out the public folder here on Google Drive.

Prologue: The End

Memory 01 : Protector

Memory 02 : Clash

Memory 03 : Stranger 

2 thoughts on “Insight: Progress on the Novel

  1. Your book looks awesome! You are an amazing writer! Keep up the great work! As an author myself–publishing in January–I am on final edits right now. Three years since I started. No one understands the work that goes into it. It’s a lot of work but so rewarding and the best job I could have! Write on!

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