Musing: Breaking your Spell check.

Did something a little different today, so no your browser isn’t broken.   I ask you this.   Do you need comprehension to invoke emotion?  Lets find out.


Hokobit Driff — Grubbif’s  Blimm

“Jibber jabber dood,” Grubbif hais.

Jullges borno pippip benno banna bim.   Keorif saoni dipdoc, dibblebimminger do jollis, sab sossis tookik takka tik.

Japap pap.

“Sapno gib nork,” hais Keeko.  Rerolin binbon docca doop.  “Jollin jook, subaba toof.   Dillnot bilk bim.”

“Gootek  gris ah—“

“Grislnor.” Keeko hais, tunnecoa.

U kispip jooko roof Grubbif.   Keeko tut mopper.

“Gruns,” Grubbif hais.   Joob piffle, Yuolo gim greeso, sab timmer blis.


Confused?   I know I am.


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