Musing: Zambies!


So October is here, and last year I did a run of Two Hunter Chapters.   This month I’ll be bringing back a fan favorite The Game of Life.

game of life

OK, so the title is misleading.   But no, that’s not it.


OK, better, but still no cigar.   I’m feeling inspired after watching World War Z.   While it isn’t a bad movie I feel I need to make this clear.   It is Independence Day with Zombies instead of aliens.   You get a real sense of unity of the human race in the movie that makes it had to buy.


The more cynical view of the world brought low by a Zombie Apocalypse is a bit easier to chew.   The Game of Life is a deliberate attempt to make the grim notion a little bit less depressing.   But it’s through Black Humor, be warned.

I left Jeff and Harriet in a pretty dire position, what with a ticking bomb behind them and an army of the undead planning to make snacks out of them.    I wanted to give the story a fresh coat of paint without changing the tone.

For those of you that have read the older stories, you might spot some inconsistencies.   I might be retconning some minor details.   Eventually I’ll be going over the original chapters and cleaning up the writing.   I feel I owe it to you guys to bring the quality of the multi-chapter stuff to my current standards.

So all of October you get some Zombie fun and hopefully some time soon I’ll have good news concerning the novel.

FUN FACT:  Undead shows unleaded as a suggestion on spellcheck.

2 thoughts on “Musing: Zambies!

  1. Zombie fun in October sounds great! I know of a few sites that have dedicated October to the Horror genre. I think it`s a great idea for those of us who love stories based on shivers and chills. And, great idea!

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