Musing: Let’s talk about Zombies.

Let’s talk Zombies.

ALERT: Minor storyline spoilers for World War Z inside.

I mentioned in my last post I saw World War Z.   I liked it but man did it have moments where I face-palmed hard.  One of my fellow bloggers brought up a point that the zombies in WWZ were simply too durable.   Unless the zombie virus turned them into super steel upon infection, they would not be able to head-butt a windshield down.  That aside, the movie lacked something all other zombie movies do.   Zombie collateral damage.

pile of Zombies

I always think of barrel of monkeys with this.

The iconic pile of zombies to get up a wall is cool on paper, but when you think about it in practice, it makes less sense.   I’m talking about injuries.  Ever notice how zombie hordes usually have some jaw-less ones or ones missing arms?   That’s because they are zombies that used to be humans.   And if you have a shambling pack of zombies.  Some fall over and get beat up.

Zombies don’t have the common sense to look at a dislocated arm and go: Oh hey.  I should probably have that checked.   This problem worsens when the zombies run.  Oh so yeah undeath grant them the ability to not get tired right?   How do you score a broken leg?   It happens when you are reckless or unsafe.   The Zombies of WWZ are the epitome of reckless.   They don’t care if they trip.   They’re gonna bust a leg and frantically claw to eat your face.  That is the factor WWZ is missing.


I heard they have cookie butter inside the wall. All right people, form up.

Spoiler!  The scientist that that will save the world dies in an incredibly stupid way.   I really don’t see how this made the cut.   Not by a zombie, or an evil terrorist.   He dies because he trips, falls, and blows his own brains out with his own misfired gun.

Say it with me people:   EPIC FAIL.

In fact I hope this movie gets an award for the biggest epic fail of movie history.  It tells a  fairly interesting story, but it’s still a stupid way to die.  I also think they missed a good opportunity to explore the X seconds before you go Z thing.  The best approach I’ve seen is the Walking Dead game by Telltale games.  Don’t play games?   Youtube it.

All October it’s The Game of Life for the next 3 Fridays.   But the Wednesday topic will be shuffling a bit, including the future of Two Hunters.  I have lots of good things planned for Nell and Culvir.

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