Musing: A Power Trio.


One for each other and all for one

NaNoWriMo comes to a close and I’m stepping forward on my writing adventure.   So right now, I place my focus on three projects.    First and most obvious is TWO DESTROYERS, you can’t throw a digital rock on this blog without hitting info on it.   The Insight articles show some cool developmental stuff that went into the Novel.    They focus on the specifics that surround the world, rather than the actual writing.

The second is the newest major project I developed thanks to NaNoWriMo, THE MACRO CORP.   It’s a 52,000 word novel I’m revising and aim to publish in some form or another.  For a first draft I’m pretty happy with it, especially considering I wrote it in 20 days.   I’m working on basic revisions now, but it needs a fresh set of eyes to pass judgment on how interesting it really is.

The third should come as no surprise.   I’m working to turn TWO HUNTERS into a Novella.   Nell Draadich and Culvir Silverdark net positive feedback from varied readers and seems like romance plus (killing) vampires is a potent combination.   For those of you are new to the blog, TWO HUNTERS has been featured as the longest B.O.S.S. story I have.   I’m up to 14 chapters of it.

Like any of my B.O.S.S. stories it started rough, a flex of my story writing muscles, but I can’t deny the potential.    You can look forward to some news regarding it and soon.

These three stories are sitting on my priority list, something to do before I tackle my next project on the horizon.   Book 2 of Dimanagul:  A KING-LESS COUNTRY.

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