Musing: Trying New Things (Without Being Pushed).


Raw Octopus is delicious by the way. Who knew?

I’ve come to the point in my life where I don’t consider myself ‘young’ anymore.   And while that’s a bummer I can’t help but wonder when a specific phenomenon will strike me that I have seen strike many adults.   The point when technology passes them up.

I’ve always considered myself Tech savvy.   I don’t build weather control devices in my basement, but I can build a computer from scratch and can figure out any software with a few minutes of fiddling.   But I wonder when that changes.   Perhaps it won’t for me personally.   I can only hope.   Is there a point where machines just become nebulous boxes that make no sense?   Is there a point where stubbornness takes over and keeps me from accepting a new build of Android’s OS?  I suppose it has everything to do with being open minded.

I roll with a Galaxy 3 smart phone, and a new version of the OS came out.    I didn’t see much in the way of differences.  The font at the top of the screen changed and it shows messages a bit different.

Maybe I’m easy to please but when updates come out, I don’t complain.   I just think to myself: “They changed this because of specific reasons.”  I adapt as long as I have options.   With this update I noticed the keyboard select option came up again.  I’ve heard people talk about Swype before and so I thought, whatever.   New OS.   New Mindset.   I fell in love with it, showed all my friends and they looked at me and said:  “That’s been out forever.”


I actually spent forty five minutes trying to stump the algorithm. I’m easily amused I guess.

The thing is I knew Swype had been out.   I simply didn’t change over because I didn’t try it.  The old way worked just fine for me and I had no motivation to change my ways.   I think that is the cause of ‘falling behind’; as such it is important to explore without those pushes.   At the very least I’ll resume my practice of giving things a second look.   I’ve been doing that with my writing, actually.   While I’m keeping my focus on writing locked on Fantasy, I’m starting to read other genres out of curiosity rather than obligation.

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