Musing: Merry Christmas

Remember how exciting the holidays were when you were a kid?   You sat back, ate cookies, and raked in the presents without a care.   As I got older I ended up relish in the giving part of Christmas.  Well.   I still get cookies at least.


Merry Christmas. I bring horrible nightmares! –and good cheer too, I guess.

I will remember the year of 2013 as the year I started to see the selfish worth of giving.   From a writers perspective I mean.   Previous to this I saw looking at other people’s works as a chore, or a cost needed to make others look at my own.  This is not the case.

Now I value looking over other people’s work more than I ever thought possible.  It allows you to spot your own errors without the burden of overlooking them because of attachment.

It is much easier to be critical of another person’s work than your own, and when you return to your own the errors you made stand out like bruises.

I can’t say I’ve read as much as I’ve written, as I’ve done a great deal of that alone.   But this time next year I hope to read thrice as much as I write.   This will be the gateway to being a better author.   So in a way, the resolution isn’t a benevolent move at all.   Instead, it is a selfish grab at self improvement.  the thing is, processing these thoughts and giving it back as feedback is the best gift you can give to a fledgling author.   (Outside of lots of money I mean).

2 thoughts on “Musing: Merry Christmas

  1. “It is much easier to be critical of another person’s work than your own, and when you return to your own the errors you made stand out like bruises.”

    COULD’VE FOOLED ME! I thought that being a writer meant constantly thinking everything you write is terrible, and doing your best to make things slightly less terrible. Don’t tell me I’ve had it wrong all this time! Ah, but then again I do have a habit of doing things obtusely. One must never speak of the “Famous BBQ Sandwich” incident. Ever.

    Lucid (?) comment aside, it’s good to hear that you’ve found something out for yourself, even beyond just writing more delicious words. If blogging has taught me anything, it’s that making those posts is the easy part; doing all the stuff around it is what’s just as vital, if not more. So I guess it’s just a matter of trying different things. Connecting with others. And most of all, improving oneself in ways once thought impossible.

    Guess that’s part of the fun. And occasionally the frustration, but hey. It’s hard to beat the thrill of making your own wild adventures, yes?

    • Mind you you’re not going to see these errors without spending some quality critique time. Reddit has some easy (and potentially anonymous) venues to provide critiques and if you’re feeling brave

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