Musing: What’s in a Cover?

If there’s one aspect of writing I haven’t spent time exploring, it is the finer details of a successful cover.   From my experience certain genres have go to covers, like how fantasy typically has the main character looking doleful surrounded by miscellaneous Fantasy imagery.

A general accepted cover widely popular across all genres is the isolated object of importance, spot light is optional.   I pride myself on my limited artistic (drawing) talents and being a general wizard in Photoshop, but I don’t know the fundamentals for success.

Time for studying.

Thankfully, Crowqueen, a fellow writer I’ve crossed paths frequent times on the fantasywriters Subreddit, has graciously taken a stab at making covers for some of my B.O.S.S. stories.  She has had marginally better luck demystifying book cover hoodoo.

I’m a ways out from settling on one for Two Destroyers, but it is never too early to start considering my options.   I know there are some unfortunate implications regarding putting minority characters on the cover  and some publishers try to sweep it under the rug.   I’m not interested in challenging the norm for the purpose of challenging the norm.  I just want my story to be properly represented.

As such I’m always open to suggestions for covers for Two Destroyers.  I’m thinking imagery surrounding the suns of Pange.  For those of you unfamiliar with the story, the sun rise and sun set in Pange is literal.   Thirteen small (meaning about a mile wide) suns launch from the surface of the planet, so a slow lob over the countryside, and land on a daily basis.

Also I wouldn’t mind having something to put up for Ambrosia.  I don’t even have a proxy cover for Nell and Culvir’s story.

Anyway:   Crowqueen did two of my stories.   Black and White, a one shot story about two warring ideals coming to a compromise:

Black and Whirte

And Promise, the story that inspired me to write the rest of Tillesia’s story.   (Warning.  This story Contains spoilers for the Golden Queen):



Update:   One made for The Doctor, one of my favs.  (Particualrly creepy not for the faint of heart)



3 thoughts on “Musing: What’s in a Cover?

  1. I like the black and white cover. It reminds me of those old sketches from the late 1800’s – 1900’s. Wood carvings is what it reminds me of. I love it!

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