B.O.S.S. — Roman, Part 5

Another trial for Roman, it was the best of times… it was the worst of times.

beatstothe core

A new… Manager?

Roman, Part 5

Jamie and I spend the next few hours watching the rest of the day dwindle away.  I lay, staring at the sky next to her, wondering what the next day will bring.   I am an accessory to assault and destruction of property, the latter waved for a called favor.

“You should meet my other band members,” Jamie says.   “Maybe you can help them out like you helped Ty.”

“Probably not,” I say, shaking my head.  “I’m no rock star.   I just know what should be.   I’m not gonna learn anything from—”

She silences me with a kiss.

I just take it in, barely registering her weight straddling me.   She grabs my wrists bringing them level with my face, and holds them there like she has invisible handcuffs.   Like hell I’m complaining about this, but the audacity of it makes it so much better.

The drooping sun catches frames her, setting a glow around her.   She’s sure as hell no angel, so maybe she’s a demon.  She moves her hands to my face, and I let those invisible handcuffs hold me in place.   Her kiss becomes more feral, luring my tongue into her mouth only to be bit.  I’m cool with this.

Jamie leans forward brushing her body against mine and letting me know she’s into this, and I return the favor with a little more obvious signal.  She pulls away and smirks at me.   “So?   Think you can give it a try?   For me?”

“Y—yeah,” I say.  Whatever ‘no’ lurked inside my thoughts got a stiff veto from the downstairs brain.  With it comes a spark of confidence I hadn’t expected to see.  If I could help a bone-fide rock star improve, why couldn’t I help a garage band?

The phantom cuffs came off and a reached up and grab Jamie’s shoulders.   I return her kiss and savor the epiphany.  I flip her onto her back, drawing a breathy grunt from her, and bite onto her neck, just hard enough to mark her.

“I didn’t sign up for this,” she said in playful jest.

I pull away, smirking.  “There’s my contract signature, girl.  You plan on doing any other felonies tonight?   Or are we stayin’ in?”

“Oh?  Are you proposing something naughty?” Jamie says, grinning.”

I nod.   The sun hides behind the city skyline as I run my hands across her body.   I take it slow, not wanting to come across as a creep.  “Let’s meet your band.  We can always catch up with this later.”

I stand up, getting a roar of disapproval from the department of horniness, and a medal of honor from my common sense.   Jamie looks up at me with pouting lips, but nods in agreement.

“On second thought, you’re right,” she says.  “Stone roofs ain’t exactly cozy.”

The walk to the warehouse district takes out any fight the sun had left in it.  The atmosphere clicks to the weekend night crowd with the club lighting.  Jamie walks ahead of me two steps, waving me to hurry.   I oblige, closing the gap in three steps and scoop her up, belly to belly.

It catches her off guard, but she retaliates with a hard bite on my neck.   I endure.   She’s just signing her line of the contract.  I give her a squeeze, she squeezes me back.

Jamie walks side by side with me now, peering around the crowds like she’s looking for something.  Then it hits me, her local band had the guitarist from Haberdash in it?   Why hadn’t I heard of them?

“Yo,  Jamie.”  A tall sheet pale guy with a faux-hawk approaches us.  “Who’s this guy.”

“Gregor, meet our new manager,” Jamie says, grinning.  “His name’s Roman.”

Manager?  I raise a brow.

“Manager?   Ty cool with this?”

Jamie waves off the point dismissively.  “Ty’s done.  We need a new lead guitarist.”

“So you’re saying you dumped him?” Gregor rubs his neck, uneasily.   “You know he was out only in right?”

“We got a new in,” Jamie says.

“Fine.   Nice to meet you, Roman was it?” Gregor offered a hand in greeting.

I nod.  I spot the callouses on his hands, not ones a guitarist would have.  I shake his hand once, firmly.   “You’re on drums huh?”

“Yeah.  We’re meeting up for a set, but without a lead guitarist…”

“It’s cool.  Roman can fill in for now.”

I gawk at her.

“Whoa?   He plays too?” Gregor grinned.  “Maybe we won’t need to fill the spot after all.”

Jamie grabs me at the waist, offering a warning squeeze.  “We’ll just stick to Ty’s numbers for now, just so Roman can get a feel for us.”

“Jamie.  Can we talk a sec?” I grab her by the arm and pull her aside.  “What are you doing?”


“I told you I can’t play.   Why are you spouting bullshit to your bandmates.   And Manager?   What’s that about?”

“You’re advising us right?   That’s what a manager does.   I can’t pay you right now, but I have other compensation in mind.” She prodded me in the stomach.

“No.” I stand firm. “You can’t work me over like this.   I’ll make a fool of myself if—”

“I saw what you did with Ty.   You know this shit better than our bass player, and she rocks.   Stop being a pussy and deal, OK?”

I clench my jaw, but something inside me tells me to humor her.  Even my common sense talks me down, which is usually hard to please.  “Fine.”

Gregor regards us with a grin.  “Lover spat?  You traded in quick.”

Jamie flipped him off.  “At least I play for the right team, Roman’s mine got it?”

“Time’ll tell.   At least I can look up Ty now,” Gregor says, shrugging.

“Ty?   No way.   He’s straight, right?”

“Straight as you, at least.”

The two share a laugh.

“So who’s the other band member?” I say.

“Margit,” Gregor said.  “She’s a—”

“Scandinavian?  You’re not talking about Margit Christen?  Tell me you’re not.”

Jamie eyes me, raising a brow.  “Yeah.   I am.”

I stagger away from them, wrapping my head around the twist of favors.

“I take it you know her?” Jamie says, her face turns cold.

“Yeah.” I say regaining my bearings.   It was a difficult duality.   “She sort of broke up my favorite band.”

Jamie scowls.  “Oh, so you don’t want to be our manager after all?”

“N—No.   Nothing like that.   I’m just surprised.   I didn’t even know she came to the states.” I looked away, biting my lip.   No matter how much I resent her for busting up the band, she is hands down the love of my life.   Her lyrics, her style, everything about her rocked me to the core.  She’s the very reason I got into music in the first place.

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