B.O.S.S. Special — NaNoWriMo Live! — A Matter of Time, Epilogue


Thanks everyone for sticking around to the end.   Here’s a little something that may or may not be a big hint to what my NaNo project will be next year.

Tomorrow I’ll make a post reviewing what I did and didn’t do right for Matter of Time.  For now, enjoy this amusing little epilogue.

Thanks again everyone.   –Eric



Russ and Kirin saw Jett back to Louis Armstrong International.  The cost for silence was steep, exclusive tickets to the next comic con.   However, Ray took care of it entirely.  In some ways, it brought him relief– one less person to lie to about being a superhero.

“Thanks for everything, I mean it,” Russ said.

Jett shrugged.  “No sweat, man.  I’d stay longer but I need to prepare for the incoming apocalypse.”

Russ smirked.  “Still hung up on that, huh?  You know you could always be up front with her now.   I don’t think she meant any harm.  She might have even been just flirting.”

“That would be even worse,” Jett said.  “Example: Superman and Lois Lane.  They don’t cover this stuff in the comic books,”

“Fair point.”

“I don’t understand,” Kirin said. “Russ told me all about you and Joyce.   You were friends since you were kids, it might be true love.”

Jett narrowed his eyes.  “Never, ever say those words again.  You are inviting ruin upon my life.”

Russ wasn’t about to let this go with a whimper.  “Well, how about it?   Do you at least think Joyce is pretty?   I mean, she does think highly of you.”

“I’d rather keep it a low level of simmering contempt.   Look, yeah, she is a lovely lady but she’s also Ray’s twin sister.   It’d be weird to even humor it.”  He let out a sigh.  “But fine, maybe I should talk to her and set things even.”

“I’m really glad to hear that,” Kirin said, grinning.

Jett scowled.  “Why?”

“Because I told her you were leaving New Orleans today.   She seemed really excited to give you a special gift.”

The color drained from Jett’s face.   “Belken, we had a deal.”

Russ raised his arms.  “Hey, I kept my word.  Kirin insisted.”

“Defcon Two,” Jett said.  “And my flight is an hour off? “

“You have to wonder what that special surprise is,” Russ said.  “Maybe she has big plans in store for you.”

“Forget the plane, I’ll just run home.”

“You live in New York.”

“I’ll find a way.  I’ll hitch hike if I have to.  all I need to do is–”

“Hey Jett, long time no see.”  Joyce put a hand on his shoulder.   He froze like a statue.

“I also told her which gate we were waiting at,” Kirin said, grinning.   “I’m a helper.”

Jett turned, swallowing back a lump in his throat.  “H-hi Joyce.”

“Tah Dah!”  Joyce held out a big package.  “It was short notice, but I hope you like it.”

Jet accepted it, keeping his jaw clenched.  “For me?  You shouldn’t have.”

“Well I know you like this sort of thing, and I have some connections now.”

Russ nodded, waving him to open it.

Jett peeled away the wrapper to find a full set of the Macro Corp. action figures.  “This is… pretty awesome actually.”

“I’m glad you like it.   I always feel bad about how things were with us as kids.   IT’s never easy to admit you like someone, so it’s easier to pick on them.  I always got the impression you avoided me in college cause of it.   So, let’s start over.”

Jett smiled.  “All right.   Let’s start over.”

Joyce flushed a hand high on her chest, letting out a sigh of relief.   “I need to get going.   Have a safe flight.”  She waved and hurried away.

“Soo…” Russ grabbed Jett at the shoulder.  “Still think she is ‘one who shall not be named’ material?”

“It could all be an elaborate trap.”  Jett plucked a card from the top.  “Huh?  This is addressed to you.”

“Is it?” Russ took it from him and looked it over.  Mr. Belkin, I’ve reviewed the sales for the first run of Macro Corp. action figures and would like some clarification on targeted sales strategies regarding the Medica action figure.

A pit of dread sat in Russ’ stomach.  There was a post script too.

Don’t try to run.  It will only make my wrath worse.   Love, JJ.

“You know what Jett? You might be on to something.   I’d stay on guard.”

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