Musing: Back in the Saddle


Fishing for feedback.

After a month of writing every day, the normal routine feels like a vacation.  Though it’s easy to get lazy.  I lulled a bit in November on progress on Kingless Country, but I can’t complain about the experience of completing a novel in that time.

I’d like to explore ways to make feedback more appealing.  Ideally I’d like my content on Memories of a Dimanagul be decided by my followers.  I’ve pitched a few ideas in the past, I just want to take a moment to review them.

I’ve considered putting out a bi-monthly poll.  Polls are easy enough, but limited.  I imagine people don’t comment out of digital shyness.  Polls are completely anonymous after all.

I’ve also toyed around with the idea of putting a Podcast together.  I’ve never seen the appeal of them, but a few close friends swear by them.  The question is: would there be interest in hearing a short story told?  If so which ones?”

There’s also the possibility of delving a bit more into my writing process.  There’s only so much interest to be drummed up from a guy looking to make it in the world of writing.  My NaNoWriMo posts was still about getting my writing out there.  I’m not trying to teach anyone how to write.

I’ve had a handful of reviews on MoD, but I usually reserve it for things that leave an impact on me.  I’d be interested to know if people would like my opinion on things like games, movies and books.   I have a nice stable of all three I’d be more than willing to throw onto the blog.

For now I’m just looking forward, redoubling the publish efforts of Two Destroyers.  Once I complete Kingless Country, I plan to give Ambrosia some attention.  I plan to let “Matter of Time” sit for a while.  Likely I’ll revise that bad boy around the time I start work on a third “Dimanagul” project.   I will probably throw Matter of Time up on soon:  so anyone that missed chapters on the blog.  It should also make it so you can put it on an e-reader like Kindle.  I only ask you send some feedback good or bad on the site comments or an email to .

Thanks for the continued support and stay tuned Friday for another short story.  Feel free to drop a message in the comments (or tweet at me @Dimanagul ) I love hearing from you guys.

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