B.O.S.S. — Rage of the Cursed, Part 11

Xallion in his WoW incarnation.

In case you haven’t noticed, Xallion doesn’t look like this in RoC.   I just love this picture  of my Orc Warrior in World of Warcraft that shares his name.

Here’s a new chapter for Rage of the Cursed.  –enjoy!


Rage of the Cursed Part 11 — Baelion

Xallion left the interrogation room filled with a new sense of unease.  Bael is just like me?   There are more people like me?  He realized then, the guards gathered around the door with their hands on their weapons.

He sighed and shook his head.   “It’s true.  I’m just like him.”

The guards exchanged uneasy glances and muttered to each other.  Up until now, no one knew save for Lady Ireilis and her inner circle.

“However,” Xallion said, straightening.  “He and I aren’t related.   This is the first time I’ve met him… this is the first time I’ve met anyone like me.”

“So what should we do?”

“Who did he kill?”

The guard captain hooked a thumb in his belt.  “Some two bit thug.   Chances are, he’s telling the truth about that guy starting shit with him.  He was L’kavrik.  You know how they are abould Wolven.”

Xallion nodded.  “So, I say we should let him go.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes.  Anytime I change, I struggle to stay calm.   He knows how to bottle his inner beast, I’ll make sure he stays out of trouble.”

The guard captain sighed.  “Fine.   It’s on your ass then.   I assume you want me to keep your condition a secret?”

“For now.  If Bael is telling the truth I won’t be able to keep it a secret for long.  To be honest, he controls it better than I do.   I’m hoping I can learn something from him.”

“I just hope it ain’t manners.   That guy’s an asshole.”

Xallion turned around, doubling back into the interrogation room.   Inside a dark skinned man sat at table.  His crimson chest plate draped loosely over his shoulders, and he fiddled with a daingling coif of black hair dangling over his red eye.   As a human he was quite muscular, and his shirt was conspicuously missing.

That brought pack some uncomfortable memories.  The change was rather drastic and for that reason Xallion typically wore loose clothes, just in case.   Bael’s difference in size was far more drastic, it must have been annoying for him.

“You’re human again.”

“Yep.   Heard you through the wall.   Thanks for being a pal.”

“Well, we’re kin… in a way.   I’m glad to see there are more like me.  The guards vouched for you, they said the guy you killed was bad news anyway.”

“Yeah well, I also heard them call me an asshole.” Beal smirked and stood.   He was still extremely tall, but seven feet tall was small compared the the ten feet or so Bael was as a wolf.  “You got any bandages?”

“Bandages?   Are you hurt?”

“Nah.   It’s just… I use those instead of a shirt.   Cheaper.”

“I can afford a shirt.” Xallion said.  I think anyway.   Tieshaie tapped me out pretty good.  “Or wait, maybe I know someone that can make you one.”

“Oh?  That’d be great.” Baelion offered a hand in greeting.  “I know I introduced myself as Bael, but you know, I’m Baelion now.”

Xallion shook his hand.  “Um… isn’t that the same name?”

“Worlds different.   Besides,  you and I got boring ass names, gotta spice em’ up, a little right?  I bet you call your wolf self something else too.   I can just tell.”

“Loki,” Xallion said.

“Neat,” Baelion draped an arm over Xallion’s shoulder.  “But man, you’re shrimpy as fuck.   You know I see women taller than you.”

“I haven’t noticed.”

“Of course not.   Everyone in this damn place is tiny.   The doorways?   Tiny.   Seriously. “

“Could we make a deal?” Xallion slipped away from him.   “I need you to show me how to control my other self.   You know, Loki.”

“For real?  Didn’t your mom and dad show you this?”

“Never knew them.”

“Oh right.” Bael rubbed a thumb across his chin.  “Might have something to do with the Gold- Eye tribe being wiped out and all.  Look, It’s weird.   I should come natural and all.   I mean, it’s like taking a dump.   Everyone does it, so you shouldn’t need help.”

“But I do.” Xallion scowled.  “Everytime I’ve changed something bad has happened.   I’ve killed people… I’ve fed.”

“Yeah, that happens if you bottle your shit up, man.  Just go nuts on some squirrels or something.   Nothing like feeling their little necks snap between your jaws.   Yeeeah.   Fuck squirrels, nosy little bastards.”

Xallion had considered that of course, but Ane had never been too approving of torturing animals.   Not that she’s around to complain anymore.

“Oh and I guess we should get you a stone.   Shouldn’t be too hard to find one for you.”

Xallion waved him out of the interrogation room, giving a calm wave to the guards.  “Does it need to be something in paticular?”

“Fuck if I know.   It should just feel right.   I mean, you just need a strong connection to it.”

“Well, I do have this gem.”

“A Gem?  What kind.”

“A green one, emerald.   I had it when my foster father found me.”

“Perfect,” Baelion said.   He hesitated and turned o one of the guards.  “You got bandages?   I don’t want to fight off the women on the way out.”

Xallion rolled his eyes.




After wrapping up a facsimile of an undershirt, Bael stepped into the fresh air outside the station.   He stretched and let out a mighty growl.   “Maaaan, that feels good.”

“You think you can stay out of trouble long enough to visit a friend?”

“Friend?   Wait a second.   You said… shirt.   This a chick?   Is she hot?”

“If I say yes, does that mean you’ll keep from killing someone?”

“Depends on if it’s true or not.   Come on, little hint.”

“Fine.  Yes.  She’s good looking.”

“Nice.   I need to get my weapon from the bar, I left it there when those guys arrested me.”

“Your weapon?”

Baelion nodded.  “I get antsy if I’m away from her too long.   Come on.”

Baelion led Xallion into the seedy part of town, taking care to wave at every woman they passed.  Part of Xallion really looked forward to Tieshaie meeting him.  Something told him she wouldn’t be intimidated in the slightest.   The bar sat at the heart of the slums, a place Xallion thought twice of staying long.   People around them whispered and pointed, likely people Xallion had sent friends to the prisons or worse.

“We shouldn’t stay here long.”

“Yeah, yeah.   Won’t be long.”

Xallion followed Baelion inside to find the bar trashed.   Remnants of spintered chairs covered the floor and in the center of the room a giant sword lay in the center of the floor.

The Bartender slammed him hands on his counter.  “Oh for fucks sake!   Get out of here, you did enough damage.”

Baelion approached, straightening it from its resting angle.  “Relax old man.   Just getting my sword back.   Thanks for taking care of it.”

“Taking care of it?   We couldn’t budge it.   Woulda sold the damn thing to help cover damage if I could have.  Just take it and get out.”

Bael chuckled, plucked the blade from the ground with one hand and swung it to his shoulder.   Its blade was so dense it might as well have been a cudgel more than a greatsword.   With that sort of weapon, he’d be knocking heads off rather than cutting them.

“Alright, bro.   Let’s go meet this friend of yours.”

Xallion swallowed back a lump in his throat.   He wasn’t sure if it was the right call, but what choice did he have now?

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