Musing: Feline Delays.

NanoWriMo is on to full effect, but I owe my blog crowd a chapter of Game of Life.   I was distracted by a decidedly non-zombie reason– I brought an adorable kitten, Clyde, into my household.


I know it’s confusing, but Clyde is the little one on the left. 😉

My two fogies, Maggie and Qui-Roo are being a little crabby about the new addition and that has cut into my writing time.  Clyde and I have really hit it off, but as such that means he’s been wanting to stick to me like a little kitty glue stick.

Clyde is a shelter cat from Wayward Whiskers.  If you’re in the Greensburg area consider bringing a fuzzy little buddy home.   I found him through this site: , Cooper is Clyde’s brother.

To make up for my tardiness.   I’ll be posting Game of Life 23 soon (within the first week of November) but it will be about twice as long as I originally planned, completely resolving the current ‘Turnpike Terror’.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.  Most of the recent delays have actually come from writing TOO much.   Mostly regarding revisions on Two Destroyers and Kingless Country.   I’ve even started toying around with stuff for the third book who’s working title is “Dragon’s Gambit”.  Don’t get too attached, though, that’s subject to change.



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