Nanowrimo 2016

crest_square-1902dc8c2829c4d58f4cd667a59f9259Just a short update to dust the cobwebs off the blog. I am doing NaNoWriMo this year. It’s a different approach from the superhero stories I’ve done 2013, 2014 and 2015.

It’s fantasy. More than that it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, write from the viewpoint of an antagonist.  More specifically, it is an exploration of what it takes for a person to become a villain.

I’ve brought it up time and time again.  Talked the talk.   Now it’s time to walk the walk.

I won’t be posting chapters on the blog.  I’m keeping it a little closer to the heart this time and I plan to polish this and maybe even sell it.   Only time will tell.

However I can give a little background on the character:

I mentioned a fantasy world I’ve worked with for many years.  A brainchild of my wife, more specifically.   There’s a webcomic called “Fate Martyr Sapheire” she made in her college days and the world of “Ki-Rainelle” is the story of that world a few hundred years before Sapheire and Vaela took their first steps on adventure.

The main character of “Unseen” is the consistent antagonist.   A powerful Ki-Leinahn (her world’s elves) that runs a very powerful cult.  I’ve always wanted to explore the events that shape him into the heartless monster I know him to be.

The story is told in first person.  He’s a fourteen year old son of two of the two most controversial merchants alive.  They are two of the richest individuals in the city– a city ruled by humans.  It is all but unheard of for a Ki-Leinahn to hold high station in society.

So, as such.  The tale begins with the assassination of his parents and goes on to explore the circumstances surrounding their murder.

As always, my word count information is public, so feel free to follow along in November.  Or better yet, it’s not too late to start your own NaNo project.


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