B.O.S.S. – Blogging Original Short Stories

Blogging Original Short Stories (B.O.S.S.) are the core and brainchildren of my writing efforts.   They are unrestricted and mostly unedited.   Some ideas I latch onto and turn them into serials.   Others linger and pout in their corner of the world wide web.

Quality matters to me, but sometimes you need to let your inner editor take a break.   These stories are often created in less than an hour (Once I start typing) but a lot of thought from the week goes into them.

It’s a part of my writing process and it lends well to the stories that end up on the blog as well as Two Destroyers, Ambrosia, or any other future projects.

So sit back, relax and enjoy a B.O.S.S.   They’re usually between 1,500-2,500 words so they’re quick reads.   The subject matter and genres vary wildly, but they’re all important to me.


Please Note:  The theme link will take you to the original blog post, while the Story title will take you to a Google Drive page for easier reading.

Stories Marked as “One Shots” are ones I do not have plans on continuing the story, however that is subject to change.   Those that have a marked Part 1 mean I plan to make a second chapter for them!

Theme:  Romance as a background element,  Too Soon

FinnrickSeries Title:  The Monkey

Genre:  Fantasy / Romance

Characters: Finrick, Tillie, and Mattis

Part 1: Lament

Part 2: Triumph

Part 3: Acceptance

Part 4: Friends

Part 5: Power

Published: 05/16/12 , 8/03/12

Theme:  Perspective

BartholomewOne Shot story: The Deity

Genre: (Spoilers)

Characters: Bartholemew

Published: 05/21/12

Theme: Camaraderie Amongst Foes

ShadowOne Shot Story: Black and White

Genre:  Fantasy

Characters: Midaa and Ceera

Published: 05/29/12

Theme: Inspiration


Series Name: Sons of Lye

Genre: Fantasy / Action

Characters: The Unknown Drummer / Soldiers of Lye

Part 1: Drummer

Part 2: Tower

Published: 06/05/12, 09/07/12

Theme: Branching out

One Shot Story: Space

Genre: Sci-Fi

Characters: Franklin

Published: 06/11/12

Theme: Fate

HoalSeries name: Saga of Wolves

Characters: Hoal, Marlea

Genre: Dark Fantasy (Violence, Adult Themes)

Part 1: Choice

Part 2: Deeper

Part 3: Rebirth

Part 4: Embrace

Published: 06/18/12

Theme: Coercion

AlaiPart 1: Purity

Genre:  Dark Fantasy (Violence)

Characters:  Alai

Published: 06/27/12

Theme: Difficult Decisions

gqueenDebut: Promise

Genre: Fantasy (Adult Themes)

Characters:  The Gold Queen and Silver Queen

Part One: Return

Part Two: Approach

Part Three: Parlay

Part Four: The Dark Magician Yulos

Part Five: Betrayal

Part Six: Visit

Part Seven: Extremes

Published: 07/13/12

Theme: Dread

DocPart 1: The Doctor

Characters: The Unknown Doctor

Genre:  Fantasy Horror (Violence)

Published: 07/20/12

Theme: Challenging Myself

ValeenOne shot Challenge (Bingo): Kempu!

Genre:  Fantasy

Characters: Valeen

Published: 07/27/12

Theme: Unsung Heroes

ChaedekSeries Name: Coins and Swords

Genre: Fantasy

Characters: Chaedek and Gothe

Part 1: Compromise

Published: 08/10/12

Theme: Past Endeavors

Series Name: The Battle Zone

Genre:  Action (Super Heroes), Sci-Fi

KraunerCharacters: Krauner

Part 1: Welcome!

Part 2: Morning!

Published: 08/17/12

Theme: Oh No!   Monsters!

KirkwallSeries name: Invasion of 30XX

Genre: Sci Fi, Action

Characters:  Johnson, Rattler and Kirkwall

Part 1: Stalked

Published: 08/24/12

Theme: Of Kidnapped Princesses

YiiOne Shot Story: Blossom

Genre: Historical Fantasy (No magic)

Characters: Princess Yi

Published: 09/14/12

Theme: Making the Old New

Mardi copySeries Name:  The Spelljammer

Genre: Fantasy, Pulp

Part 1: Maribell

Part 2: Teeyi

Part 3: Contracts

Characters: Mardi Mayas, Teeyi

Published: 09/21/12

Theme: B.O.S.S. October Mini Series

NellSeries Name: Ambrosia

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Characters: Nell Draadich and Culvir Silverdark

Part 1: Arrival

Part 2: The City of Terra

Part 3: Gilded Peanut

Part 4: Drowning Tension

Part 5: Resolution of Blood

Part 6: Stench of Death

Part 7: Improvisation

Part 8: Shattered

Part 9: The Butterfly and the Cocoon

Part 10: The Other Side, Part 1, Part 2

Part 11: Impostor

Part 12: Jamgled

Part 13: Capture

Part 14: Resolution

Part 15: Awakening

Part 16: Master

Part 17: Sage

Part 18: A New Threat

Part 19: Inherited Will

Part 20: Showdown

Part 21:  Relevation

Published 10/05/12, 11/30/12

Theme: Zombie Apocalypse

JeffSeries Name: The Game of Life

Genre:  Urban Fantasy, Action (Violence, Adult Themes, Zombies!)

Characters: Jeff and Harriet

Part 1: Daily Life

Part 2: Gifts from Above

Part 3: Neccessary Captive

Part 4: End of the Line

Part 5: Worst.  Three minutes. Ever.

Part 6: Narrow Escape

Part 7: A New Friend

Part 8: This is Goodbye

Part 9: Vengance + Part 2

Part 10: The Facility

Part 11: Shutdown

Part 12: Rally

Part 13: Control

Part 14: Promises

Part 15: On the Road, Again

Part 16: Home

Published: 11/03/12

Theme: Heroes in an Empty War

Series Name:  Wind and Sky

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action (Adult Themes)

HadassahPart 1: Disgrace

Characters: Tabansi and Hadassah

Published: 11/16/12

Theme: Reversal of the Damsel in Distress

Series Name: The Mongoose Company

Genre:  Fantasy, Action

mardiePart 1: Conscription

Part 2: Put to Work

Characters: Mardie and William

Published: 11/23/12

Theme: Contemporary Romance

Series Name:  Roman

Genre:  Romance

Published 12/13/213

Part 1: Roman

Part 2: A Big Break

Part 3: Escape

Part 4: Trouble

Part 5: The Band

Part 6: A Ghost

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