Animal Explainations

For clarification, all the characters in the story are human. I chose the animals in the titles based on their mannerisms. I wanted to post a little something to explain my train of thought.

The Ram (The Main Character)– It is easy to dismiss a sheep as a worthless animal. It does only strength frequently consists of managing to successfully flee from dire situations. But when life provides situations where running is not an option, a Ram uses their horns. In times of need he will find a balance between keeping with the flock to find strength among them and use said experience to stand better alone. He must learn that sometimes one must stray from the pack in order to survive, and blindly following his predecessors’ leads to a particular fate.

The Wildcat (The Stalwart Protector)– The definition of a true friend is one that stands by you despite the circumstances.  The reason is not because they are obligated, but because they want to be there. Fierce, beautiful, fearless, and sharp-witted, she has her own reasons for her actions but frequently finds herself doing what is right. Beneath her thick skin the Wildcat hides her troubled past, and those dreams and ambitions she neglected to chase after. Anything she has in life is because she boldly chased it, rather than meekly waiting for its arrival.

The Parakeet (The Travelling Priest)– While most would think of a Parakeet as a mindless mimic, there is certain cunning about the bird. He memorizes everything he hears and sees and seemly spouts off the knowledge at random, but there is clear direction in his actions. Bright eyes filled with intelligence and experience mask things they would rather not know, but have to. The parakeet is loyal to his mistress and parrots back her words without fail, but takes the meaning of them to heart and sees them through in a way he deems best.

The Dragon (The Magician Extraordinaire)– It is easy to look upon a Dragon and fear it. Raw knowledge and power make her intimidating to approach but that does not change the fact she lives, breathes and dreams like any other. This intimidation makes her hard to approach and justifies her haughty attitude and penchant for isolation. After all, it is all she really knows. A lot of weight rests on the shoulders of the Dragon but she doesn’t waster energy whining about it. Instead she pushes forward; even it means stepping on a few toes or crushing a few structures.

The Boar (The Loudmouthed Mercenary)– Stubborn and Reckless with a line of experience to guide him. The Boar has taken cuts and gashes other might have died from, but he pushes on. He is aware of the bruises on his crown and knows what walls he can pummel through and which will stop him dead. His recklessness has cost him much and has gained the experience of being analytical. Frequently those look upon him as a stupid pig will find themselves utterly defeated.

The Wolf (The Nobleman Thief)– Sly and cunning, the wolf has his own clear agenda backed with knowledge and experience. His pristine appearance draws trust and confidence. He has a knack for identifying hopeless situations and will not humor blind heroism. Do not dismiss the wolf as a coward though, as he is keenly aware of the soft vulnerable places on the strongest of men. With the proper circumstances the wolf will strike at a bare throat and be the strongest of allies.


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