Musings: Deceptive Threats.

Fifteen pounds of pure Evil.

(Unrelated Short story posted shortly before “Space”)

Sometimes things that are adorable are evil.   Let me explain.   I’m sure many of you understand that there are many things out there that are supposed to be enjoyable.   There are things out there that are supposed to relieve stress.   There are things out there that you do in your free time to unwind.

Video games are typically that for most of us.   But many times we get upset, angry even at them.  You can’t beat that one level, or you are constantly thwarted by a one year old in an adorable pink go-kart.   (It makes sense in context.)  In a game where several hundred pound Gorilla, a dinosaur like giant turtle covered in more spikes than an anime’s first ten minutes, and an evil Scaramouch plumber thrive.   You’d think the adorable little infant wearing a crown would be an idle threat.

You’d be wrong.

Things that are often harmless or beneficial can prove to be evil.  Every rose has its thorns.   This concept intrigues me as a writer.    Isn’t it so much more interesting when the threat is something you simply wouldn’t expect to be a threat?

Behind that pacifier is Fifteen pounds of pure go-karting evil.   Right when you think there is no chance you could lose, the gloves come off and you are bombarded with the World War III of turtle shells explosives and banana peels.

Naturally in a story you don’t take it to this extreme or the barrier of doubt would be shattered very quickly.   However there are things we don’t take as threats, namely things involving nature.   How many years did it take mankind to realize that sunlight can be inherently bad for us?   How many doomsday theories and scientific factoids are out there saying that earth will eventually be a smoldering pile of space dust?   I think the sheer number of Natural Disaster movies made between 1990 and now speaks for itself.

For now, I just have to worry about toddlers in go-karts.   But you never know when the next threat will rise…




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