Musing: The Night After

Not everyone is a bad sport.

The morning after election night, are you celebrating?   Are you in despair?  Are relieved that it’s finally over? I know I am.

I think the President’s speech settled that for me last night.   I hope that whatever side of the ballot you’re on his message got through.   America is at its best when it acts as a people rather than fifty disjointed societies.   What defines America is our diversity and our willingness to accept our neighbors.

That message was heard loud and clear last night.   There were quite a few historical victories as well.  Tammy Baldwin’s win in Wisconsin says that America will elect competence into office despite things like sex and sexual preference.   This is a good thing.  Competent people come in all flavors and colors.   Limiting your choices is a fool’s errand.

A while ago, I made a post about a D and R Mindset.  It is important to remember that the guy on the other side of the ticket isn’t evil.   He just doesn’t agree with your approach.  This isn’t a question of if you love this country or what’s best for it.   It is a matter of what you think the best way to keep this country great.

The Zombie Party’s base principles is firmly based around shambling, devouring of delicious brain matter, and stopping global warming.

You are entitled to that.  It is your right as an American above all else and why this country has managed to maintain this greatness for hundreds of years.  We are free to boo our rivals, make off color jokes about them, or liken them to Zombie Apocalypses.  In the end, we stand united.

I hope that wouldn’t have changed if the country was painted the other color.   This was a race between two men that love their country.  One won, one lost but the country was reminded once again that at the end of the day we’re still neighbors, brothers, sisters, lovers, rivals, and co-workers.

America, you’re a zany melting pot of culture.   And I love you for it.  Keep the spirit alive.

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