Musing: 2012 Come and Gone.

It’s the final night of 2012.   I have mixed feelings.   It has been a complicated year for me.  A year of hope, sadness, and productivity.   If there is one thing I can say with full pride is that this has been the year I picked myself up and accomplished something.

To say it has been a rough year for me would be an understatement.  It was a year where I endured an innumerable loss, twice.   But what made 2012 great is how much I accomplished despite those trials.    I managed to turn a pipe dream into something substantial.  I established a groove that I’ve maintained.   I have been keeping myself creating instead of moping.

That’s important to me.

To everyone that had a similar type of year, remember that there is something good about adversity.  If you’re stuck at the bottom you get a great view of the top.   It puts life in perspective.   Everything you faced before seems almost trivial.   When the little things arise, something breaking, an unexpected expense, and life’s bumps and scrapes.   They just seem tolerable.

It also makes achievements shine so much more.   After 2012, I’m happy to create.   I am proud of  the routine I managed to maintain.   I’m proud of the progress I’ve made with writing.   I’m proud of the fact that I can look at something I write and say: This is mediocre.  I can do better.

I’m looking forward to 2013.   A fresh start.

Thanks for helping me turn 2012, a dark year in many ways, so bright.

Happy New Years


4 thoughts on “Musing: 2012 Come and Gone.

  1. You know, a few years back I once likened writing to fighting (for obvious reasons…chief among them, that they rhymed) because in a lot of ways, they have similar properties. There are different styles; its practitioners have strengths and weaknesses; doing either effectively requires training, foresight, and savvy; they’re as much a competition with oneself as they are with others; the list goes on.

    But you know what? I think I want to add one more quality to the mix: you can never give up.

    You’ll only get better if you keep at it. You have to put yourself through some rough trials, lose out to people much better than you, and push yourself to your limits while thinking, “That’s it. There’s no way I can go any further.” And then you DO go further, and come out stronger because of it.

    You know me. I’m not about to give up — and by the sound of things, neither are you.

    Raise your fist high, my writing comrade. Here’s to the new year — and the strength we’re bound to gain because of it.

    • Well said. If my setbacks were exclusively writing ones I think it would have been a good year!

      Here’s a little motivational treasure for those saavy with fighting as well as writing!

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