Musing: Monday Update

You probably noticed there was no Friday post this week.   While It’s not labeled as a “B.O.S.S.” last week’s Wednesday post had a short story.  (One regarding family none-the-less)   I was off visiting family and meeting my baby twin one year old nieces for the first time.

The past year has been a real trial for one of the duo as she was born premature and spent most of the year catching up to her sister.    Modern medicine is pretty amazing.   Thanks to this little “R” is going to be just fine.   She’s getting healthier and stronger by the day.

I have a small army of nieces and nephews I got to catch up with, too.   Starting Wednesday, it’s back to the weekly grind so expect the usual midweek post and and weekly B.O.S.S.  per usual.  Sometime in the early fall I’ll be having a Game of Life ‘Marathon’, probably in the month of October.   Either it pushes the story forward or show some back-story for Jeff and Harriet, I’m not sure.   Depends on what you, the readers of MoD would like to see.


The elusive comment box.

I’d also like to take a moment to mention, while I like the look of the current Blog I don’t think it’s very intuitive.  The comment field is hidden until you click on it.   I see this as a boon for people viewing the site with tablets or phones, so I may leave it be.

I’m well aware this is a writing blog rather than a discussion one, so I’m not sweating the small stuff.  I know you’re all out there reading (and hopefully enjoying the reads) but I wanted to make sure the ambiguous comment system isn’t a problem.

As always though, don’t be afraid to make requests for a story.   I like challenges and I know a few of the B.O.S.S. stories have gathered dust more than others. (Saga of Wolves, I’m looking at you)  Thanks for reading and here’s to another year of Memories of a Dimanagul.

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