Musing: Vacations and Getting Things Done.


For some a vacation, for others hard work.

I got some serious writing done over the past few days, a true testament to the difference a sunny beach atmosphere can make.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I got three chapters done in such a short time.   Of course we’re talking about first draft material, which inevitably needs some TLC to be turned into quality novel material.

The difference is mostly mental, just being able to be ‘ahead’ a few chapters makes quite the difference.   It also gives me the option of putting some extra love into a chapter that’s rough around the edges.

This brings me to chapter 30 of the 44 chapters I have planned for Kingless Country and things are starting to wrap up.  I had a title drop in chapter 22 and a couple of BIG reveals in recent chapters.  I’m at the exciting part of the creative process where the end result is in sight and I have a clear image of how it will all come together.  It’s the perfect balance between ambition and progress, my favorite part of the process.

I also have a few exciting projects on the horizon and I’ve started outlining my NaNoWriMo project:  Macro Corp:  A MATTER OF TIME.  Next week in the mid-week post I’ll be sharing some details regarding it.   For now, remember you can read the entire first book RISE OF CHAOS (clocking in at about 52,000 words) at

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