Welcome to Memories of Dimanagul

“Writing is me thinking through the end of a pen…. er… keyboard.”  -Me

Welcome to my Blog.

Here you will find

  • Details on my novel series, Dimanagul
  • Insights and opinions on Writing
  • Short Stories (So you can sample my writing style without commiting to a 100,000+ word novel.
  • The occasional review of things that hold great impact on my creative process.

What you won’t find

  • Fanfiction
  • Me ranting about what happened on Walking Dead
  • Team synergy tips on Marvel 3
  • Marmots

This is A gathering of works I have recently keyboared… ok  It doesn’t work nearly as well as ‘penned’.   Check out the Category Section to get caught up or reread anything you’d like if you s desire, and thank you for joining me on my journey to becoming a published writer.

Here’s a cheat sheet to my content:

Insights — Posts about my Novel directly.

Musings — Posts about writing

Memories — Actual chapters in my novel

Other Memories — Bonus first person chapters that suppliment the Novel.

Short Stories (Coming soon) — Unrelated writings that let you get a feel of my style.


I love feedback so feel free to drop me a line at dimanagul@gmail.com or post a comment.


Eric Jackson

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