Musing: Resolutions for the New Year

2014 is here, and I have to say 2013 has been one of my better years.   I’ve made tangible progress surrounding my writing and the stars have come to align in other ventures as well.   Though, I feel it needs to be said that the concept of new year’s is a bit of an excuse.


There is only the write.

Well yeah, an excuse to drink perhaps.   I lovingly call New Year’s Day, Hangover day.  Not from personal experience of course.   I’m content to consume some alcohol and call it a day.  The excuse I mean is the perception of a blank slate.   It’s important to realize you don’t need the numbers to roll over to make changes.   It makes for a great landmark in a romantic sense, piling on the resolutions to take your first steps towards being a better you.

There’s a reason most resolutions fall flat, because they’re done out of obligation.   You don’t need a higher year number to make that commitment.

You do it for yourself.

I don’t want to come across as a naysayer here, so let me pose this.   There is only one resolution anyone needs to make at the start of a new year.   Resolve to resolve.   Ultimately, New Year’s resolutions are made with the intent to better yourself.  So why not focus on that selfish aspect?  My Christmas post, about giving for your own sake?   It’s the same principle.   Don’t do something because everyone else is for the New Year.  Do something because you need it done.

The moment you treat a resolution as a reward to yourself, you won’t have to strain to do it.

Happy 2014 everyone.   January first is a great day to start a habit, just saying.

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